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Veszprém-Balaton 2023 Európa Kulturális Fővárosa

About us

The University of Pannonia is the leading higher education institution with campuses in five Hungarian cities: Veszprém, Kőszeg, Nagykanizsa, Zalaegerszeg and Ajka. Our multi-disciplinary university offers courses in the fields of humanities, economics, technical informatics, education, social and natural sciences, and provides multiple opportunities for a wide range of research activities. In addition to quality education, a welcoming, supportive and friendly atmosphere is one of the most valued assets of our university.


University of Pannonia: Enrollment 2024/2025

University of Pannonia: Enrollment 2024/2025

The University of Pannonia is a top institution in the heart of Hungary, which offers high-quality education and inspiring environment for academic and personal development. As an interdisciplinary institution, we provide study programmes in different academic fields and a variety of opportunities for research and internships. With our long tradition of student-centeredness, University of Pannonia is a perfect destination for receiving higher education!

International Virtual Open Day – 25 March, 2024

International Virtual Open Day – 25 March, 2024

Choosing the university abroad is a difficult task, and sometimes, you may feel lost in a large amount of information. We are glad to introduce our university through a convenient, easy-to-use online platform and tell you everything you would like to know about studying at the University of Pannonia! 

Hungarian Higher Education System

Hungarian Higher Education System

Higher Education System in Hungary corresponds to the training system known as the Bologna Process. In 1999, in the University of Bologna in Italy, 29 European countries signed a declaration, which aimed to simplify and standardize higher education in Europe. Below you can read about the most important aspects of the Bologna training system.

From a personal experience as a Master's and Ph.D. student, I would say that I have intelligent, thoughtful, and fun professors from Hungary and great minds from other countries, whom I’m honored to have. I’ll be forever grateful for the knowledge and experience I gained during my stay. The university gives the opportunity to attend and participate in conferences, publish articles in local and international journals, and participate internships in many different fields.

Ahmad Naji (Jordan)
PhD student at Multilingualism Doctoral programme, Faculty of Humanities

Through three years of undergraduate study, the diverse experiences have helped me understand myself better and become more mature. With the diverse international communication environment of the University of Pannonia and the constant encouragement and support of our professors, I have become more confident and cheerful, and have a more accurate and clearer plan for my future life.

Zhao Meiqi (China)
Master’s student in Marketing, Faculty of Business and Economics

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For general inquiries send a message to the International Department by filling out the form, or send a message directly to the faculty coordinators via email.
Veszprém-Balaton 2023 Európa Kulturális Fővárosa


University Campuses

International students of the University of Pannonia can find English-language programmes on three campuses in three unique Hungarian towns. Get familiar with our campuses in Veszprém, Kőszeg and Nagykanizsa!