Take it easy: Stress-free application for Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship programme

You already chose your future study programme, you googled for the pictures of Budapest, Veszpém and Balaton, you are excited about the opportunity, but… just the mere thought about application and documents submission makes you confused and anxious. If it is about you, don’t worry: here is our list of useful tips to make your application process as easy as possible!

1. Pay attention to the deadlines

Following the deadlines is one of the most important elements of the application process. It helps you to organize your time and plan the preparation of the documents. In the case of Stipendium Hungaricum programme, you need to keep in mind the following deadlines:

16th of January 2023, 2 PM (CET) – submission of the application to Tempus Public Foundation (TPF) through an online platform DreamApply. 
Since Stipendium Hungaricum is based on a bilateral agreement between Hungary and the government of your sending country, you will need to submit the documents to your sending organization as well. Each country may have different application deadlines, so we recommend you to check out the requirements of the responsible organization in your country (you can find the list of responsible authorities at https://stipendiumhungaricum.hu/partners/).

2. Register at the Dream Apply portal

Dream Apply is a portal designed to make the submission of your documents fast and easy. Besides, on the portal you can find the description of your selected univrsity, entrance requirements of your study programme and other necessary information. To access the Dream Apply portal, use the following link: https://apply.stipendiumhungaricum.hu/

3. Create the list of necessary documents

The list of documents required for the application may differ depending on your study level and your programme. The basic documents include:

  • filled-out application dorm
  • copies of high school / university degree with the official English translation
  • Certificate and English language knowledge (check the specific language requiremens of your programme)
  • CV and motivation letter
  • Copy of your passport / ID
  • Depending on your study level, you may also need recommendation letters and a research proposal. You can find the complete list of documents once you select you study programme(s) at the Dream Apply portal.

4. Submit the application before the deadline

Once you collected all the necessary documents, submit your application to your sending authority and to Tempus Public Foundation.

5. Don’t forget to check your mailbox for the updates

If your application is successful, your sending country will be the first to nominate you for the programme. After that, the University of Pannonia will review your application. Generally, future students need to take an entrance exam, which take place in the period from the middle of March until the end of May. Don’t worry: the exam is usually in the form of an online interview with the representatives of the faculty. You may be asked about:

  • why you chose Hungary or the University of Pannonia
  • why you chose this particular study programme
  • your study / work experience
  • your thesis topic / future research topic
  • your future plans for work or studies
  • your language knowledge

The representatives of the faculty will contact you prior to the interview so that you can prepare for it.

6. Wait for the results

Until the middle of July, you will be notified about admission by the University of Pannonia. The final decision will be taken by Tempus Public Foundation. After that, you will be able to start the visa application process and prepare for your international adventure!

We wish you the best of luck with your application!

See you at Pannonia!