Student Story by Pherng - Student Life

"It is a safe and friendly place with a rich history and developed tourism" - Pherng about living Veszprém, where she studies Tourism Management.

Hi! 👋 My name is Thepthida Thongfongkeo, but you can call me Pherng. I am from Laos. Now I’m studying Master of Tourism Management at the Faculty of Business and Economics. This is my 2nd year at the University of Pannonia.

When I first arrived to Veszprém, I was still homesick and even cried sometimes, because everything here was new for me. I adapted to it by hanging out with international students, talking with them, studying and cooking with them. We had a lot of good memories together. They were very kind and always helped me when I needed their help. They also help me to study and practice my English skills. This is why I am proud of them: they are kind and sweet, even though we are from different countries. 

I choose the University of Pannonia, because it is located in a pretty quiet and small city, which is also called “The City of Queens.” 🏰 Nearby, there are interesting places like Lake Balaton, which is the largest lake in Central Europe. It is a safe and friendly place with a rich history and developed tourism. The education system support is wel-known, and Master’s degree from the University of Pannonia would give me a good position for further work in my own country.

Also, the university organizes events which are made for the students, and there we can learn about different cultures from other students, try new food, and learn new languages.

One of the recent events I visited was the annual Lecsó festival in Székesfehérvár, which was a trip organized for international students. This was my first time eating Hungarian traditional dish and cooking it with other international students of the University of Pannonia. That dish is very easy to cook and also there are simple ingredients easy to remember like onion, paprika, tomato, spices, and bread. 🍴😋


So come to the University of Pannonia and enjoy your international experience!