Institutional Guide 2022/23

Dear Students!

As the new academic year starts, we would like to share the general information about the University of Pannonia. Here you will find the university contacts, organizational struture, useful links and other information that might be necessary. 

General Information

Name of the Institution: University of Pannonia 

Shortened name: UP

Name in Latin: Universitas Pannonica

Headquarter of the Institution:  University Street 10, Veszprém, Hungary, 8200

Other premises: 

Zrínyi Street 18, Nagykanizsa, Hungary, 8800

Chernel Street 14. I/8, Kőszeg, Hungary, 9730

Gasparich Street 18/A, Zalaegerszeg, Hungary, 8900

Újélet Street 8, Ajka, Hungary, 8400

Bank account and tax number:

From 01.09.2021 the bank account and tax number of University of Pannonia has changed. The Hungarian Central Statistical Office made a new statistical number: 19310321-8542-563-19

Tax number: 19310321-2-19

EU Tax number: HU19310321

Bank accounts in HUF
Central bank account- cost account
10300002-10802153-00014904 (main account)

Neptun student’s omnibus: 10300002-10802153-00024903
Debit Card Account: 10300002-10802153-00034902
European Union programme Target settlement account 10300002-10802153-00044901

Bank accounts in EUR

Faculty EUR account: 10300002-10802153-00014887
Financial institution holding the account
Name: Hungarian State Treasury Veszprém County Directorate

Address: Brusznyai Á. Street 1, Veszprém Hungary, 8200

Fields of Disciplines:

  • Humanities
  • Economics
  • Computer science
  • Engineering
  • Teacher education
  • Social Science
  • Natural Science 

Types of training

  • Higher vocational education
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master's degree
  • Unbranched training
  • PhD. training
  • Further specialized training
  • Adult education

Useful Links

Structure of the University of Pannonia 
Management of the University of Pannonia 
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Cost of living 
Health care services 
Health insurance 
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Academic year schedule  
Academic calendar 
International mobility office 
Scholarship Programmes 
Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 
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