Apply to University of Pannonia!

15th April is the deadline of applying to the University of Pannonia!

Veszprém is home of nearly 300 international university students so far, and one of the greatest aims of the institution in the future is to welcome more and more students from abroad. Within the 4 faculties and 4 campuses, applicants can choose among a wide range of Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD courses available in English and practice-orientated trainings according to the labor market.


The University of Pannonia organized its second International Virtual Open Day on 23rd March, 2022

During the hour-long broadcast we showed the newest image videos about the institution and besides, those who are interested could watch round table conversations made in the circle of professors and international students from all around the world. The conversations covered important topics such as adaptation to Veszprém and to the university, accomodation issues, studies, sports and entertainment.

If you missed the live broadcast, do not hesitate to watch it here:

The University of Pannonia campuses are located in four towns with unique historical and cultual heritage: Veszprém, Kőszeg, Nagykanizsa and Zalaegerszeg. Two of the campuses are not far from Lake Balaton, which is the second most visited destination after Budapest. Veszprém is the city welcoming the majority of Hungarian and international students. It is an important cultural and historical city of Hungary, which received the title of European Capital of Culture 2023.

Here are the reasons why more and more international students choose the University of Pannonia every year:

·        Renowned Hungarian and international professors

·        High-quality education and practice-oriented studies

·        Friendly and inclusive student community

·        Vibrant student life

·        Developed mentor programme

·        Sport and leisure facilities on campuses

·        Cozy atmosphere of small cities, ideal for studying

·        Proximity to Budapest and Lake Balaton

If you are searching for an affordable study opportunity in Europe, the University of Pannonia can become your perfect study destination! Our institution is ready to offer you an unforgetable international study experience for student-friendly tuition fee. Don’t hesitate to join us!