"Magister” College (Veszprém)

"Magister" College can be found in the upper campus of the University of Pannonia in the area behind Club UNION (former Student Centre). Students can stay and live their everyday life in 2-bed or 2x2 bed accommodation units with a kitchenette (kitchen sink, fridge, microwave oven), bathroom and toilets. The following services are also available: broadband internet, telephone and TV connection.

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“If you wish to live on the upper campus near Club Union...”

Number of accommodation places: 800
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Central Dormitory (Veszprém)

The oldest college is Central College, which was opened and occupied by the first students in 1964. Each unit with 2x3 beds has a common hallway, a bathroom and a washbasin. In addition - beside a bed -, wardrobes, tables and shelves are available for each student in the room. Tables, shelves and a fridge, and a TV are all assured in the hallway. Internet access is available in every room.

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“If you wish to live in the very first college of the university district...”

Number of accommodation places: 460
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Hotel Nereus*** (Balatonalmádi)

The dormitory has very nice surroundings at the shores of Balaton. It is located in Balatonalmádi, has an own beach at the so-called "Budatava" area. The rooms have 2-3 beds, equipped with a bathroom. The dormitory is ideal for studying and relaxing, sports and occasional social activities. The dormitory has 3 floors, each floor has a kitchen. There are two lounges for studying, TV and social activities. In the mornings, a shuttle bus leaves from the front of the dormitory to transport the students to the university building.

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“If you wish to live at the Lake Balaton...”

Number of accommodation places: 70
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Ányos Jedlik College (Veszprém)

It is one of the smallest independent colleges of the university, with 58 places. It is centrally located and offers a peaceful environment, but also an active community life. The two-storey building has cooking and laundry facilities. It has its own library, computer room and study room.

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“If you wish to live near the university in a homely dormitory...”

Number of accommodation places: 58
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Gasparich College (Zalaegerszeg)

The dormitory is located in a quiet, green area of Zalaegerszeg. The building is divided into 2, 2+1 and 2x2 bedded rooms with bathroom. It offers the students a pleasant and relaxed living environment for effective learning and cultural leisure.

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“If you wish to live in a green and quiet area...”

Number of accommodation places: 256
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Zárda College (Nagykanizsa)

The dormitory is located on Zárda Street, very close to the heart of the city, in a quiet and peaceful environment. Owned by the Kanizsa Foundation for Higher Education, it is a well-equipped facility with 2, 3, 4 bedded rooms for the comfort of students.

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“If you wish to live in a tranquil district, but still in the heart of the city...”

Number of accommodation places: 94
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University Dormitory Office is located at the ground floor of the Central Dormitory

8200 Veszprém, Egyetem u. 12.

(+36) 88 / 800-000

For information visit: